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Struggling to build Strength

The Top 5 reasons you may be struggling to build strength and increase muscle size: The first step is accepting that, more than likely, one of these apply to you. ✅ Ego: Accept that it’s okay to ask for help with program design, form ,nutrition, or a combination of these. Having the mind set that “I know how to workout" will set you up for failure, especially if you're new. ✅ Impatience: This is a marathon. You're NOT going to see huge anatomical changes overnight. Strength comes in time. Muscle size, shape, and body fat reduction all come with months of hard and disciplined training. Don’t get frustrated or try to convince yourself it happens quickly. Do it the right way! ✅The mind muscle connection: Stop moving heavy weight with no quality of movement. It's not about showing off, curling the most or benching the most. The goal should be placing the greatest percentage of weight being lifted on the target muscle. Feel the muscle you're trying to change actually work - stretch and contract ! ✅ Nutrition: Your eating must support the physical demands you are placing on your body. This means understanding how many calories you’ll need, the ratio of nutrients and the timing of consumption. ✅ Understand your body: Train for your body type and with your goal(s) in mind. Are you looking for sport specific improvement or injury rehabilitation? Do not copy what you see others doing! Take the time to develop a plan for yourself and use a combination of free weights, machine weights, body weight resistance, or other equipment to find a style that works and gives you a quality workout.

I hope this information helps you find a clear path to what you desire. Have fun ,stay positive, ask questions and your body will thank you 5x fold.

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