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If I had my way, everyone would Dare to be Strong! Our strongest muscle is the heart and I live to use mine to help my clients.​



I meet my clients on their terms, at their favorite location, whether it's a gym, a park, or their home. One on one time allows us to work together to advance your fitness level. 

We may work on cardio, core, muscle tone or building, or all of the above. This is your time and will be catered to your needs. 

Building a repore with one on one time is crucial at Magnant Muscle, it's a time to learn, reflect and understand exactly what YOU want from our time. 


If sports, athletics or "eventing" is your thing, we can be event specific. Basketball, sure; Mudding, absolutely; anything you are facing, we can face together and make sure your functioning is where it needs to be for success. Sessions like these often increase motivation and performance and are designed to put you in the best mental and physical state for your sport. 

If it's not a specific event but an ideal you're after let's talk. 



I understand the need, at times, to team up, or crew up. We can do that as long as you understand I will still be individualizing the sessions as much as possible. If you are more comfortable bringing a buddy along or a spouse; yes we can!  



The "meal plan" is a process through which we design a plan around my master food thoughts and your preferences. We'll build an easy to do plan that you can maintain, I promise, in your new healthy lifestyle.   Everything from body building specifics to small helpful adjustments or even a whole plan. Let's be real with each other and make some improvements! "Our bodies are built to use carbs proteins and fats, the trick is how much of each and when. I do not promote "cutting out". 

Nutritional Counseling includes 3 sessions  of one on one time to analyze habits and knowledge and to address your questions and concerns. 



Not everyone is into a sport. There are many reasons and times in our lives we need or want to advance our fitness level. 

We, you and I, can work together to meet your goals. Whether you're 12 yrs old or 90 yrs old I want to help you.