Here are just a few client messages!


“In February I told myself by August(my birthday) I wanted to be 130-135 pounds . I put it in my calendar as a weekly reminder. I hired the best personal trainer ....who absolutely changed my life with his knowledge, dedication and patience with his clients. If it wasn’t for him there’s no way I would have reached these goals. Pat gave me a routine workout to do everyday , and I did it. “

3 months!




A picture is worth a thousand words. 


“If anyone needs a personal trainer who is also very knowledgeable with nutrition I highly recommend Pat Magnant. The patience he’s had with me is incredible. Even when I gave up on this process he chose not to. They way he puts his clients first speaks volumes .

Lets do this “danelle rich “



He’s 19 years old and a basketball player for Wesleyan University. St. Albans native, he signed up with me after a referral from his sister Liesl who is also a client. This is the result of a 3 day a week training regime along with nutrition counseling from Magnant Muscle. He’s been super to coach and a work horse with a passion for his sport and life. ~ Pat Magnant


I may not have hauled a canoe up a mountain quite yet, but training with Pat has been an amazing catalyst to some huge and wonderful life changes! Thanks Pat!   - Liesl

Barbell and Kettlebell Weights

Pat, I just wanted to say how impressed I am that after just 2 sessions with you I have no more pain in my knee. I have had chronic pain and discomfort or over 10 years. You really know your stuff and I look forward to continuing.  - ACameron

mm daniel.jpg

5 weeks of Training ! Back development strong and showing its potential. "My body feels great, after working with you I can truly see the changes and strength has gone up "

- Daniel of St.Albans

mm brooke.jpg

"Thanks Pat! Def a big bow to you. I couldn't have asked for a better coach. Tonight was a win for the both of us"  - Brooke

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MagnantMuscle home Personal Training. " it keeps me healthy and fit, even with my busy schedule"

-Nick of West Swanton

pat w elder client.jpg

After following a MagnantMuscle Program, i have a feeling of " I can now! I'm moving without pain "

-Alice of Fairfax